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4 - More Reasons

Reduced Effort automated competition entry. We strive to work hard behind the scenes to ensure that our software is optimised and the correct details are submitted for each and every competition. Everything we do is within the rules, and our members are always entered into each competition individually, not in bulk. Where necessary, we provide the correct answers to questions, solutions to puzzles and ensure that all the right boxes are ticked, and we don't forget about closing dates! We guarantee a minimum of 1000 competition entries each year so you can sit back, relax, and let us get on with it.

Privacy Protection Prizewise respects your privacy. We also respect the use of your personal details by the organisations that offer competitions or prize draws. Sometimes a competition organiser will require a postal address and/or telephone number to inform you if you are a winner. Please note that if your details are submitted for this purpose it DOES NOT automatically mean that the competition sponsor is entitled to contact you in a sales context.