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3 - Reasons to Join

Great Prizes - our dedicated team finds all the best prizes on offer. We carefully check through hundreds of new competitions each and every month. We ensure that the rules are scrutinized and we also monitor lists of winners. We ensure that the highest value prizes from the most reputable organisations make it into the final list of 80+ competitions each month.

Save Time - we let you get on with your busy life. Have you ever considered how long it would take you to write and post 80+ postcard competition entries? Even online competition entries are time consuming when you have to complete all of your details each time. Therefore you can get on with your life with the knowledge that Prizewise are automatically entering competitions on your behalf.

Save Money - no need to pay for stamps or envelopes. For 9.99 per month (equivalent to just 2.30 each week) you will be guaranteed 80+ competition entries - each and every month. That same amount of money would only buy stamps for around 20 written competition entries each month - not to mention how much additional time and effort it would take you to fill in your details and post all the entries out yourself.