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Our Service

Prizewise enables subscribers to be entered into over 80+ competitions each and every month, with the chance to win great prizes, and we take care of if for you - automatically.

Once you have become a member, all you need to do is sit back, relax, and then enjoy the excitement of discovering if you have become a lucky winner, and then wait for the prizes to arrive.

Simply supply us with your details once and we will do the rest of the hard work for you - all you have to do is enjoy the thrill each time you become a winner!

Listed below are the key benefits of becoming a member of Prizewise:

  1. Great Prizes - our dedicated team finds all the best prizes on offer
  2. Save Time - we let you get on with your busy life
  3. Save Money - no need to pay for postage stamps or telephone calls
  4. Reduced Effort - automated competition entry
  5. Privacy Protection

1. Great Prizes - our dedicated team finds all the best prizes on offer

We carefully check through hundreds of new competitions each and every month. We ensure that the rules are scrutinized and we also monitor lists of winners. We ensure that the highest value prizes from the most reputable organisations make it into the final list of at least 80+ competitions each month.

2. Save Time - we let you get on with your busy life

Have you ever considered how long it would take you to write and post 80+ postcard competition entries? Even online competition entries are time consuming when you have to complete all of your details each time. Therefore you can get on with your life with the knowledge that Prizewise are automatically entering competitions on your behalf.

3. Save Money - no need to pay for stamps or envelopes

For less than £9.99 per month (equivalent to just £2.30 each week) you will be guaranteed 80+ competition entries - each and every month. That same amount of money would only buy stamps for around 20 written competition entries each month - not to mention how much additional time and effort it would take you to fill in your details and post all the entries out yourself.

4. Reduced Effort - automated competition entry

We strive to work hard behind the scenes to ensure that our software is optimised and all of the correct details are submitted for each and every competition. Everything we do is within the rules, and our members are always entered into each competition individually, not in bulk. Where necessary, we provide the correct answers to questions, solutions to puzzles and ensure that all the right boxes are ticked, and we don't forget about closing dates! We guarantee a minimum of 1000 competition entries each year so you can sit back, relax, and let us get on with it.

5. Privacy Protection

Prizewise respects your privacy. Please refer to the separate privacy policy section of this web site.

We also respect the use of your personal details by the organisations that offer competitions or prize draws. Sometimes a competition organiser will require a postal address and/or telephone number to inform you if you are a winner. Please note that if your details are submitted for this purpose it DOES NOT automatically mean that the competition sponsor is entitled to contact you in a sales context.

Please also ensure that Prizewise has your most up to date contact information at all times. If any of these details change, then please contact us at

Enter to Win


  • Thirty thousand seed packs, worth £1 each
  • Five night break in Tanzania for two people with adventure experience, worth £15,000 in total
  • Home furniture, worth £5,000
  • Seven night break in Spain for two people, worth £3,000
  • Three night golf break in Portugal for four people
  • Home furniture, worth £1,399
  • Holiday and shopping voucher, worth £1,250 in total
  • Seven clothing hampers, worth £145 each

Those Who've Already Won
  • Mrs K.H. from Somerset
  • Mrs B.H. from Norfolk
  • Mrs R.M. from Nottinghamshire
  • Mrs C.C. from Aberdeenshire
  • Mrs V.G. from Kent
  • Mrs V.A. from Northamptonshire
  • Mrs R.K. from N. Ireland
  • Mr M.M. from Merseyside
  • Mr L.J. from Derbyshire
  • Mrs B.N. from N.Humberside
  • Mrs E.K. from Essex
  • Mr K.I. from East Sussex
  • Mrs G.N. from Preston
  • Mrs V.H. from Surrey
  • Miss J.N. from Cheshire
  • Mrs J.H. from Somerset
  • Mrs K.H. from Dyfed
  • Mrs P.W. from Middlesex
  • Mrs A.G. from Lincolnshire
  • Mrs J.P. from Cumbria
  • Mrs M.S. from W. Yorkshire
  • Mrs E.H. from Kent
  • Mrs J.H. from Sussex
  • Mrs V.S. from Cheshire
  • Mr S.T. from Warwickshire