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Enter to Win


  • Seven night cruise trip to Tahiti for two people, worth £16,800
  • Four night trip to Australia for two people with flights and Grand Prix tickets, worth £8,000 in total
  • Limited edition motorbike, worth £5,000, plus six sets of TMNT merchandise, worth £100 each
  • Three night trip to America for two people with spending money, worth £2,800, plus outdoor experience in London for four people with HD camera, worth £600, plus three games consoles, worth £400 each
  • Designer briefcase, worth £4,560
  • Two night break in London for two people with restaurant meal and shopping vouchers, worth £2,750 in total
  • Overnight spa break for two people, worth £350, plus four champagne hampers, worth £200 each, plus three home cleaning services, worth £150 each, plus four chocolate hampers, worth £100 each
  • Ten makeup sets, worth £150 each
  • Five pairs of cufflinks, worth £300 per pair
  • Two night break in Germany for two people, worth £1,300
  • Four night trip to France for two people, worth £1,200
  • Seven night ski trip to France for two people, worth £1,000
  • Holiday voucher, worth £1,000

Those Who've Already Won
  • Mrs S.S. from Tyne and Wear
  • Miss P.N. from Durham
  • Miss L.F. from Bedfordshire
  • Mrs P.K. from Lincolnshire
  • Miss V.C. from Cheshire
  • Mrs S.N. from Dorset
  • Mrs E.M. from Mid Glamorgan
  • Mrs V.M. from Humberside
  • Mrs M.G. from Mid Glamorgan
  • Miss A.W. from Tyne And Wear
  • Mrs E.M. from Fife
  • Mrs J.B. from London
  • Mrs T.P. from W. Glamorgan
  • Mrs R.B. from Hampshire
  • Mrs M.H. from S. Yorkshire
  • Mrs K.A. from Derbyshire
  • Mrs R.C. from W. Yorkshire
  • Mrs A.B. from Lancashire
  • Mrs L.B. from Shropshire
  • Mrs M.L. from Glasgow
  • Mrs A.H. from Kent
  • Mrs J.S. from Suffolk
  • Miss L.C. from Lancashire
  • Miss K.R. from Hampshire
  • Mrs C.W. from S. Yorkshire
How it Works

How It Works

It simply works in the following 3 steps:-

1) Register
1) Register

Register your details with us which is simple and takes next to no time at all. To join now, you can do so via our secure payment pages that are backed by trusted payment provider WorldNet. Simply click the ’Join Us’ button from main menu to commence the registration process.

2) Submission
2) Submission

We then search for the biggest competitions available and automatically submit you into them. We work hard behind the scenes to research all of the very best available competitions and prize draws and then ensure that our members’ details are submitted in an accurate and timely manner.

3) Win
3) Win

Sit back and check to see if you’re a winner. What do you have to lose? Sometimes a competition organiser will require a postal address and/or telephone number to inform you if you are a winner. Please note that if your details are submitted for this purpose it DOES NOT automatically mean that the competition sponsor is entitled to contact you in a sales context.